For over a decade the J. W. Winchester Company has been your single source for exact replications of "Turn-of-the-Century" style display cases. We now offer over 85 styles with variations in size, options and design to best allow our costumers to choose exactly the showcase that best suits their needs.

In our studio we have manufactured over 4000 cases for stores, professionals, jewelers, museums, and private collectors. We endevor to provide cases that not only meet but exceed our customer's expectations. We design, build, finish, crate, and ship directly from our falicity in Ojai, California thus assuring you that all the work on your case is done only by us.

Besides the designs shown here, we make many "one-off" cases the combine antique elements, that include original hardware, bases and antique accouterments for a truly unique piece. All of our designs allow you to combine any of several styles, specify size, and add any options to fine tune your case for your special use. Some of our more unique showcase designs are variations on an original where we have been able to upgrade and improve for a case with better balance and aesthetics. We custom build from customers specifications many cases that are not pictured.

So, please take a tour of our web site and see if you can find exactly what you are looking for. If you have any questions about design, priceing, or availability, please feel free to call us. We look forward to making your display visually superior and unique.

Jeff Slobodian, Proprietor