Case Options

Our options list has been expanded to allow our customers to chose exactly what they need to make their case work best for their particular application. Please review our list and decide what options will make your case unique and most useful.
  1. Front Opening.
  2. Rear opening
  3. Key Locks
  4. Shelves : dbl. strength on small cases, 3/16" on medium cases, 1/4" plate on large cases
  5. Drawers: front opening or rear opening
  6. Case Trim: beaded or rope
  7. Decorative diagonal corner splines
  8. Cast case feet
  9. Wood case base
  10. Choice of wood: quartersawn white oak, walnut
  11. Hardware: antique or reproduction
  12. Lighting
  13. Rounded molding corners
We always endeavor to provide the best top quality products made from the best materials available on the market today.